Open to commissions and collaborations.

Commercially, Sarah Alyssa Sanders is passionate about brand management. She's worked on developing the creative direction for both Seraph Robotics and the EVERY1 Campaign. Sanders has multiple projects in early stages, including Smoke and Better Everyday.

“I'm pretty narcissistic, but that's okay. I make up for it with all of my other wonderful qualities.”

Sanders' personal art is focused primarily on the construction of identity-most notably, the schism between thought and behavior and between private and public. Who a person “is” is increasingly fluid. However, this is difficult to wrap one's head around, so people are generally defined by a fixed set of traits. If someone strays from the behavior expected of them (based on experience interacting with them in specific settings), they suddenly appear disingenuous.

This becomes more complicated when considering celebrities or historical figures. The private lives of those in the public eye are often labeled as “their real self”. Their public persona, by default, becomes the facade. Meanwhile, even in the most private of moments (to one extent or another) all people will behave according to how they wish to be perceived. Therefore, the delineation between when someone is genuine or putting on an act is moot.





Cornell BFA 2012



Better Everyday Brand Manager Feb 2013-present

CalHRSuccess UI Designer March 2015-present

Seraph Robotics UI Designer May 2014-Aug 2014

Arriba Vista Ranch Photographer Dec 2013

Seraph Robotics Design Intern June 2012-June 2013

EVERY1 Creative Director Jan-May 2012



Bean Prize 2010-2011

Frank & Rosa Rhodes Scholarship 2010-2011

The Watt Family Award 2010-2011